Introduce several methods to identify the material of stainless steel

Our factory provides high-quality bathroom racks, kitchen accessories, fruit basket, wine rack, paper holder, coffee capsule holder, wire mesh basket, trolley rack, desk organizer, magazine rack, pet cage, display storage rack etc. Some of the products are using stainless steel material, next, let’s introduce several methods to identify the material of stainless steel.

1. Identification with copper sulfate

Remove the oxide layer on the steel, put a drop of water, and wipe it with copper sulfate. If it does not change color, it is usually stainless steel; if it turns purple, non-magnetic is high manganese steel, and magnetic is generally ordinary steel or low alloy steel.

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2. Identify with a sucker

The magnet can basically distinguish two types of stainless steel. Because chrome stainless steel can be attracted by the magnet in any state; chrome-nickel stainless steel is generally non-magnetic in the annealed state, and some will be magnetic after cold working. However, high-manganese steels with high manganese content are non-magnetic, and the magnetic properties of chrome-nickel-nitrogen stainless steels are more complicated: some are non-magnetic, some are magnetic, and some are non-magnetic on the vertical side and magnetic on the transverse side. Therefore, although magnets can basically distinguish between chrome stainless steel and chrome-nickel stainless steel, they cannot correctly distinguish some special steel types, let alone the specific steel grades.

3. Identification of color

After pickling stainless steel, the surface color is silver and white. The color of chrome-nickel stainless steel is silver-white and jade. The color of chrome stainless steel is slightly gray and weak. The color of chrome-manganese-nitrogen stainless steel is similar to that of chromium-nickel stainless steel. The surface color of stainless steel without pickling: chrome-nickel steel is brownish-white, chrome steel is brown-black, and chromium-manganese-nitrogen is black (these three colors refer to the more oxidized color). Cold-rolled unannealed chrome-nickel stainless steel with a silver-white reflection on the surface.

Post time: Mar-25-2022