Internet + China hardware industry

With the continuous advancement of economic globalization and the transfer of manufacturing in the international market, China has become a major hardware CNC processing country and an export power. With a broad consumer market and rich resource environment, China’s hardware industry is booming. Domestic hardware products cover mechanical hardware, decoration hardware, daily hardware, construction hardware, tool hardware, small household appliances and other types, up to more than 10,000 varieties, initially formed a power tool, stainless steel products, copper and aluminum processing, anti-theft doors, scales, scooters and other characteristic industries

At present, the development status of China’s hardware industry is good, but there are also some problems. (1) Industrial transformation and upgrading is the primary problem facing the hardware industry. The traditional hardware industry, and even the entire manufacturing industry, is facing the pressure of technological transformation and upgrading. Intelligent manufacturing for the hardware industry, is both an opportunity and a challenge, only to achieve transformation and upgrading can win vitality. (2) Compared with the international high-end market, China’s CNC processing products lack brand power, and the entry of foreign brands makes domestic enterprises in a disadvantageous position in competition. Coupled with the influx of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the market competition in the hardware industry has become more intense, and even the internal chaos of the industry, the quality of products is uneven and so on. (3) The traditional sales channels can no longer meet the needs of the market, and opening up new markets is also an important problem facing the hardware industry.

In recent years, the development of the global Internet has reached a rapid state, and the “Internet” has been widely used in all walks of life. The Internet has a huge advantage over traditional media, with a wider range of dissemination, faster dissemination speed and lower publicity costs. The rise of B2B e-commerce has made all walks of life no longer limited to traditional sales channels, and the market share of online channels has gradually increased. Therefore, the hardware industry should actively respond to the call of the “Internet” and use the advantages of the Internet to create a new model of the “Internet hardware” industry.


“Internet hardware” is the specific performance of the combination of “Internet” and hardware industry, but it is not simply to add the two, but the Internet and the hardware industry are closely linked, hardware manufacturers through the online platform to achieve direct sales has become an irreversible trend. The Internet online platform is not only the first choice for hardware manufacturers to expand sales channels, but also a way for buyers to achieve convenient procurement and more efficient management

Nowadays, the development trend of “Internet” shows that the e-commerce road of hardware tools will eventually move closer to manufacturing enterprises. Massive personal value-added services have become a new blue ocean for the development of e-commerce, the second half of the Internet will eventually be dominated by industrialists, industrial integration and empowerment will also become a new core trend, consumers pay attention to the platform product empowerment, service empowerment, cross-border empowerment, management empowerment, will also become the magic weapon of the e-commerce platform.

In addition, the Internet platform brings together a huge amount of information about the hardware industry, specific and centralized. Users can find the information they want through the platform to implement search verticals. Not only that, but the platform can also help users grasp business opportunities from all over the country, making the choice more diverse.

The Internet manufacturers direct sales platform network can start from the user demand orientation, with exclusive services, personalized recommendations, one-stop collection, cost control, VIP exclusive price, regular invoices, fast orders, after-sales worry-free and other value services, for enterprises and institutions to solve the problem of hardware tool procurement. On February 22, 2019, the “Internet Transformation” exchange meeting of the direct sale network hardware industry of industrial product manufacturers held in Guangzhou will also discuss the Internet transformation of the hardware industry. It is certain that in the future, hardware procurement will definitely move towards the process of sunshine transparency, informatization and service, and the service network will gradually cover the whole industry in the country. Mr. Jiao Zhihao, the holder of China Hardware and Electrical Appliances Platform, is more far-sighted, contacting Ningbo Yunyue Co-creation, using Yunyue Co-creation technology to promote operation resources and channels to create a Chinese hardware and electrical appliance platform that combines online and offline to meet market demand, efficiently disseminate the industry development concept, become a regional influential, well-known professional platform in China, realize the mutual development of digital technology technology and the industry, and jointly promote a good situation

Post time: Sep-06-2022