Advanced 2D, 3D Automatic Wire Bending Machine

In recent years due to the increasingly fierce price competition in our industry, if a factory wants to achieve good development, they must carry out industrial upgrading, eliminate some old high-energy consumption equipment, buy advanced automatic and intelligent equipment, and try their best to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. At present, many factories have gradually realized fewer workers and even no workers in the workshop, so we should also develop gradually in this regard.

In 2019, our company purchased a 3D automatic wire bending machine, which can basically meet the bending of all specifications of wires. The equipment is controlled by computer, and the produced workpiece has high accuracy, the production speed can be adjusted, and working time is not limited. When we rush to make customer orders, this equipment can work continuously for 24 hours. This has greatly improved our production efficiency and saved a lot of labor costs. In particular, the problem of difficult recruitment in factories has been alleviated.

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In 2020, according to our production needs, our company purchased another 2D automatic wire bending & welding machine. The wire specification is from 2mm to 8mm, which is faster and more convenient to operate. A large number of manual wire bending workers have been replaced by the machine, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. For those big orders, the quality and delivery time can be guaranteed.

With the continuous scale expansion of our factory, we will buy more advanced equipment to gradually replace workers. This is an industry trend because labor costs are increasing year by year. In the future, the problems of labor shortage and difficult recruitment will be well solved. At the same time, we will return the improved efficiency and saved costs to our customers, so as to make our products better in quality and competitive in price.

Post time: Mar-25-2022